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            I met this lovely couple at a wine tasting event at the end of the summer. They explained how they just remodeled their kitchen. After it was completed, there were rooms adjacent to the kitchen that now stuck out like a sore thumb against the new beautiful fresh space. They also agreed that remodeling a kitchen was very difficult to do without a designer. There are tons of decisions to make, which can become incredibly overwhelming. They knew that they wanted to hire someone to help them with future projects. I was so honored that they chose me to design their formal living room! 
            When we met initially, it was clear that they were not afraid of pattern or color. In fact, they loved the idea of it! They shared a couple of images that inspired them, one from an online blog and one from a magazine they had at home. We knew right away that we wanted to entertain the idea of adding wall trim and wallpaper to their space. After going back and forth and sourcing samples for them to see and touch we landed on this wallpaper from North and Finch. It was so elegant and fit perfectly with the color palette we were leaning towards. Their dining room is painted a muted sage green which is incorporated in the wallpaper, and the rest of their first floor is a warm white. The teal that was on this paper was exactly the kind of color we were thinking for the walls and trim. Specifically, ___ by Benjamin Moore. I've put up wall trim in several projects since it's been trending and have loved using primed pine panel moulding from Home Depot for its accesibility. 
            After taking measurements of their space, I was able to put together a couple of floor plan options. They use this room to gather with family and friends. It's also a quiet space to come and read. They do have a small home office set up that they want to keep as well. We landed on the layout that would call for a new sofa (Walter E. Smithe) centered on the back wall with end tables on each side. We'd balance the sofa with two swivel chairs (Walter E. Smithe), add a rounded coffee table, and two poufs. These poufs are great for additional seating in the room as well as a footstool for anyone sitting on the swivel chairs. In order to achieve this layout, we needed to reduce the size of the writing desk and chair in the corner. Otherwise the path of travel through the room would be obstructed. 
            Lighting is everything! It can add a ton of style but also contribute to how you feel when you're in a space. For that reason, we added these sconces. Instead of paying to have new electrical installed and hardwiring them, we used remote powered light bulbs that are rechargeable and dimmable. A really cost efficient way to achieve this look. We also installed in a semi-flush mount light in the center of the ceiling that was hardwired/dimmable and added a floor lamp by the desk. Lastly, the candles on the coffee table are battery operated and add a very faint and soft light. The goal was to layer lighting that can be turned on separate from the recessed canned lighting for a soft and cozy glow.
           The decor for this room was selected mostly based on our color palette. I love adding neutral sheer faux linen curtains to elongate ceilings. Especially when there are other window treatments that add more privacy. Greenery is important in almost every single room. It doesn't always make sense to have real plants, so we went with a faux fiddle leaf fig that is 6' tall. The plant on the coffee table is this faux lavender. The photo on the backwall above their new sofa was a print from Etsy. I love using their digital prints since it is super budget friendly. All you have to do is print it up somewhere locally (I used Office Max) and get a frame. This print had all of the colors in our color palette. We decided on simple black frames above the writing desk for family photos. 
            In the end, this design turned out beautifully. The photos don't even do it justice! This was a massive transformation compared to what they had before. More importantly, they love their new room. They've already had a chance to host a party and show it off and are so happy with how it turned out. 


front room stair view.jpg


Front Room Stair View.png
0N025 Front Room Second View.png


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