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I originally established Kindred in 2016 when I had just graduated high school. Doing so was a massive leap of faith for me given my young age and minimal experience in the industry at the time. I had learned how to design just two years prior while working at my parents' small business that sold furniture, lighting, and other home improvement products. 

I've now gained over eight years of design expertise and have had the honor of creating so many beautiful spaces that my clients can be proud of and feel at home in.

Over the years, I've learned that an "outstanding design" is only an "outstanding design" if don't you have the right relationships to follow through on each project. Having strong relationships with reliable contractors as well as high-quality manufacturers is critical if you're going to deliver consistent results.

Every project has its own unique time frame, but I find myself spending a lot of time with my clients. Sometimes weeks, sometimes a few months. I end up learning all about their family, their lifestyle, and what they hope their new fresh space can do for them. That is probably my favorite part of the design process. Not only creating a new kitchen or bathroom but creating a new friend in the community who put their trust and faith in me. 





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