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Ever since I was little, I found joy in cooking and baking new recipes to share with my family. It was and is the perfect escape to any stress that's weighing heavy on my mind. When my husband comes home to me baking or cooking something new, he knows that it's usually because I needed a break from the real world. My mom helped cultivate this passion of mine by letting me experiment whenever I wanted to, as long as I promised to clean up after! I don't only want to help people re-design and remodel their houses. I want to help others to find joy, inspiration, and belonging in their homes. Once a month, I'll be sharing a new recipe. I encourage you to slow down, take a break from the real world, and experiment with me! I am no professional at this, so there's no pressure for perfection. I also included a way for you to submit your favorite recipes! Maybe one month, it will end up here!


Aug 23'

Lemon Berry Angel Food Cake

This was the perfect summer cake! Light, airy, and fruity. Click here for the recipe I used! I made my own cake and pastry flour by following this recipe. I only used blackberries as my berry of choice. I also added some vanilla, butter, and milk to the lemon glaze to make it a little less sour. If you decide to recreate this recipe, be sure to tag me on social media @kindreddesignremodel


Sept 23'

Focaccia Bread

I've been on a sourdough journey the last month and a half! I purchased some freeze dried starter and have been feeding it daily to try new recipes. This was my second attempt at this focaccia recipe, and honestly my first attempt was way better. I didn't get much of a rise with this one for some reason, but it was still delicious. I topped this bread off with veggies that our neighbors left on our door step. I ended up giving them this bread and they LOVED it! They dropped off a ton more veggies to say thank you!


Oct 23'

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are the superior dessert-breakfast. I love a good store bought Pillsbury cinnamon roll, but these were so fun to make and absolutely delish. I highly recommend this recipe, it was really easy to follow and was such a peaceful way to pass time on a cozy fall afternoon! Next month I really want to feature a soup recipe, so please send me your favs!

Nov Kithchen.jpg

Nov 23'

Spaghetti Squash
FEAT. @elginbodgea

Local friends/family, my sweet friend Maggie owns a small business in Elgin, IL where she delivers fresh handpicked basics to your door weekly! This cute little bag landed on my door step and I knew I wanted to use it for my November episode! Follow @elginbodega and go to her website for more info! Let me tell you, this spaghetti squash soup was a challenge. I learned that it's impossible to "peel and dice a spaghetti squash" which is what this recipe called for. I improvised! This recipe I found was very brief, but I'm really proud of the outcome despite the challenge. It was so delish! Especially with this fresh sourdough. I used regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes, added some lemon zest, and salt/pepper which isn't shown, but I recommend. Hope you enjoyed watching me make this cozy soup!


Dec 23'


Do you need something last minute and easy to bring to a Christmas gathering? I don't even have a recipe link for this, that's how easy it is. Simply layout your chocolate on a pan, melt in the oven, swirl, and add your toppings! I set mine in the fridge for a few hours before breaking into smaller pieces. You can put these in cute little jars as gifts or serve on a tray! We attached invitations to our church's Christmas Eve service and will be handing them out to our neighbors! Hope you enjoy!

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